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Must have Job Skills and Hot IT Skills 2013

1. Clear communications Whatever their level, communication is key for workers to advance.As office conversations increasingly move online, some workers are losing or never developing the ability to give a presentation, for example. Others may be unable to write coherently for longer than, say, 140 characters. 2. Personal branding Human-resources executives scour blogs, Twitter and […]

How to Organise Your Computer Files

It’s been noticed many of the people don’t know how to organise their computer files. It’s scattered across computer, many copies of same files. Back-up of back-up. During the time retrieval or when ever it’s required it’s very difficult to find. Users are losing their productive hours to this activity in daily basis. To replay […]

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are structured tests, taken in exam-like conditions, which aim to measure objectively a person’s ability, or certain aspects of their personality. Their aim is to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the best applicants. Nowadays employers are more using Psychometric tests to select the potential candidate. Psychometric tests measure your ability […]

Are You Frustrated The Law of Attraction is Not Working For You Especially in the Area of Attracting Money?

I don’t know about you, but I seem to get the feeling that people are generally frustrated the Law of Attraction is not working consistently for them, ESPECIALLY in the area of wealth. Sure, people have used the Law of Attraction to help them in many areas of life, from love and relationships to career […]