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Kozhikode District ....... Most important City of Malabar Region .... Ruled by the highly Culturedand Powerful Zamorins ...... Found a place in the World History with the discovery of Sea Route to India in 1498 by the Portuguese Navigator Vasco Da Gama....

Malabar, The land of lush green coconut groves and luxurious vegetation is home to many festivals. MALABAR MAHOTSAVAM, the annual tourism festival of Kozhikode, which is celebrated in winter , every year since 1992, is the best among them all.

The renowned scholars and artists in different disciplines of art and culture of our great nation are often inaccessible to the common man. In the year 1992, the kozhikode District Tourism Promotion Council sought to give the art loving people in and around Kozhikode and the tourists a unique opportunity to enjoy their performances. Thus was born the famous MALABAR MAHOTSAVAM, first of its kind in Kerala. Now the festival has become the strongest magnet of domestic tourism .

Kalarippayat is the exclusive martial arts legacy of kerala, taken to China by the Buddhist monks which became the fabled model for the modern martial arts. Kalari Payattu encompasses an invigorating Ayurvedic herbal treatment for chronic ailments like arthritis and spondylosis, and a massaging regimen which repairs physiological damages and makes the body young and supple. The fracture treatment system, developed as a corollary of the rough and tumble world of martial arts, does away with the risk-ridden x-rays and hit-or-miss plater-cast method.

Kalarippayat literally means 'acquired skill' of art. "Kalari" means school or arena and "Payat" is skill training, exercise or practice. It is the most comprehensive personal combat training scheme anywhere in the world.

The training includes exercises to develop sharp reflexes for unarmed combat and techniques of combat using mace, spears, daggers,sword and shield etc. There is also a unique Kerala weapon- the lethal flexible sword, called "Urumi' which can be concealed as a waist belt.

Kalri also includes the "marma" treatment which identifies the vital nodal points (marmas) in the body (107 of them in all) for suitable pressing and nudging to correct muscular and neurological problems. The massaging may involve standing full length over the patient and applying pressure with the feet. The system is acknowledged superior to any other method of massage

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